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Woofings! Welcome to the world of Minnie The Westie…

Do you love dogs? Especially the west highland terrier?

Then meet Minnie The Westie, a westie dog full of charm, wags… and a touch of naughtiness. Minnie is a charming cartoon dog that will appeal to west highland terrier fans of all ages. Her favourite things include food (especially chicken), belly rubs, and, um, cat chasing…

Minnie The Westie - west highland terrier dog cartoons

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Who is Minnie The Westie?

Minnie the dog is a Westie (west highland terrier) who has lots of adventures. These adventures are in two cartoon books that appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

Minnie The Westie: The Adventures Of A West Highland Terrier Cartoon Dog

Minnie The Westie: The Adventures Of A West Highland Terrier Cartoon Dog

… This is Minnie The Westie’s first cartoon book. You’ll discover that Minnie is food-obsessed and sometimes just a little bit stubborn. But she can charm her way out of any mischief with her waggy tail and big, adoring eyes.

Readers on have described this book as:

“A splendid and well-done collection of cartoons… A charming book featuring a charming girl-dog.”

“If like me you love westies, this book is a must read. Minnie reminds me of my own beautiful westie.”

“A few pages into the book, I realised that this is more than just a fun book – it’s ‘feel great‘ book… my heart melted!”

Fantastic cartoon book for adults and children alike. I have 2 westies and Minnie’s antics and adventures make me laugh, just like my own dogs do.”

Humorous, light hearted and warm.”

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There’s also a Kindle ebook version!

Minnie The Westie: The Adventures Of A Cartoon West Highland Terrier Cartoon Dog is also available as a Kindle ebook from and

Just like the paperback book, the Kindle version contains 85 black-and-white Minnie The Westie cartoons.

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Minnie The Westie - sailor dog vacation cartoon bookNEW! Minnie The Westie – Sailor Dog Vacation: The Adventures Of A West Highland Terrier Cartoon Dog At Sea!

Minnie goes sailing in her second book of cartoon adventures. Minnie is an experienced sailor dog, so you’re in good paws. Join her as she sniffs out adventures on the beach, meets new friends… and snoozes in the sun (which is very impawtant on holiday).

Like the first book, this contains 85 black-and-white Minnie The Westie cartoons that appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

This book is currently available as a paperback – a Kindle edition is planned for late 2013.

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Minnie Merchandise

Minnie also has her own merchandise range, with west highland terrier gifts, homewares, bags, and a whole lot more. Browse Minnie The Westie’s merchandise.

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