Special talent: Minnie-Matic

Special talent: Minnie-Matic

If you’ve seen the Cartoon of the Month this month, you’ll see that my nickname is “Minnie-Matic”:


What can I say, I am a very house-proud Westie and like to make sure that the floor is clean! Should dad (or mum) ever happen to drop any food, I’m there right away to clean it up!

Favourite food spills to clean: chicken, fish, frozen peas, carrots.

Minnie-Matic is not available for the following food spills: lettuce, tomato, strawberries… ugh!

What about your dog – do they like to keep the floor clean too?

Waggy tails,

Minnie x




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  1. Hey Minnie … I LOVE lettuce…especially if it falls off of a burger! And, I have never met a carrot I didnt’t like. For me, crackers are a bit boring and I can pass them by!

  2. b3LLy_rUb5 says:

    Hi Duncan! Thanks for popping by 🙂 How about I have your crackers, in return for my lettuce? We’ll have to do paper-scissors-rock or something for the carrots though… 😉 Minnie xx


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