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Meet Minnie and her friends…

Minnie The Westie says, "meet my friends!" in her dog cartoon

Minnie The Westie is a west highland terrier cartoon dog.

In her dog cartoons, you’ll meet Minnie’s friends too:

Dog cartoons: Minnie The Westie's friends, Morris and Flo

Morris – the cute boy next door

Minnie’s boyfriend, Morris, is also a west highland white terrier, and he lives next door to Minnie.

Morris is a very sweet dog, and he’s got the waggiest tail you’ve ever seen!

Flo – the “bugging” side-kick

Flo is some kind of bug. It’s not known if Flo is male or female, or what kind of bug Flo actually is. Flo flits in and out of Minnie’s adventures.

Lady is another friend of Minnie the Westie, in these cute dog cartoons

Lady – Minnie’s cousin in England

Lady is also a west highland terrier, and she lives in England. Lady and Minnie have never met, but they frequently talk to each other via the computer. Cartoon dogs these days are very technology-savvy, that’s for sure!

Mum and Dad

Mum and Dad

Food is an important part of Minnie’s life… so it’s little wonder that Minnie’s (human) parents feature regularly in her antics. After all, they are in charge of Dog Catering!

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Pawsome charities

Outreach Therapy Pets (New Zealand): the real life Minnie The Westie visits elderly people in a care home to brighten their day. This is a joint venture between St John and the SPCA.

Dog breed clubs

Westie Club NZ: the club for west highland white terriers (and their owners) in New Zealand.

Other cool people that Minnie would like to wag her tail at:

Pets Can Come Too: pet-friendly holiday homes and hotels in New Zealand.

Blogs ‘n’ other websites that have mentioned Minnie:

The White Dog Blog: a cool dog blog written by a Westie called Duncan.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance: features Minnie’s article “Indoor Dog Play: How to entertain your dog on a rainy day”.


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