Cartoon Licensing

Cartoon Licensing

Would you like to use Minnie The Westie cartoons?

Yes, it’s paw-ssible!

Are you a charity, dog club or fundraising? Not-for profit organisations can use Minnie The Westie cartoons for free, subject to some conditions. Click here to read more.

Commercial organistions: there is a small charge for using the cartoons on your newsletter, blog, website, presentation etc. Click here to read more.

Hint: every Minnie The Westie cartoon has a 4-digit reference number on it… this is usually in the bottom left hand corner of the cartoon. If you need to contact Minnie about a cartoon, please include this reference number.

Not-for-profit organisations

You may use Minnie The Westie cartoons FREE of charge provided you do NOT alter the cartoon in any way; AND the cartoon must be reproduced large enough so that Minnie The Westie’s website details and copyright information is legible. You may NOT re-sell the cartoon (or products with the images on them); the copyright remains with us.

Minnie The Westie is an energy-saving Eco Dog

Example of a cartoon with the Minnie The Westie masthead at the top.

These free cartoons will all be supplied with the “Minnie The Westie”  masthead across the top.

Not-for-profit organisations include: registered charities, dog clubs, dog shelters, dog rescue organisations, and individuals who are fundraising for such organisations. This also includes personal blogs, where the bloggers post for fun (rather than for profit).

Minnie would love to know if you’re using her cartoons for fundraising: please drop her a line and tell her about it! If you have a website, please include the link, and Minnie may link to it.

How not-for-profit organisations can obtain cartoons:

You can download the cartoon directly from this website if that’s good enough quality for you. Or if you need a print-resolution file, contact Minnie and let her know the reference number you’d like. The cartoon you’ll receive will include the “Minnie The Westie” masthead across the top.

There is some variation in cartoon size; they mostly measure 22.0cm (8.7 inches) tall by 13.5cm (5.3 inches) wide. The cartoons can be made larger or smaller – there’s more information on this further down the page.

While you’re contacting Minnie, it would be nice if you could tell her a bit about what you’re doing, and include a website link to your organisation or project.

Please note that supplying these free cartoons is at Minnie The Westie’s discretion. For example, if she gets flooded with requests from an organisation without an explanation, she might get a little bit suspicious. Yes, you can apply to use a reasonable amount of cartoons, but please tell her a bit about what you’re up to. 😉

Cartoon licensing for commercial organisations

If you run your business in order to make a profit, you may purchase the right to use a Minnie The Westie cartoon. (This is cartoon licensing).

The charge is US$25 per cartoon, and you can then use the cartoon in any way you wish provided that the cartoon is NOT altered in any way. (That means that the copyright information and website address etc. must remain.) You may NOT re-sell the cartoon (or products with the images on them); the copyright remains with us.

How to licence a Minnie The Westie cartoon (commercial organisations):

1. Contact Minnie and let her know the reference number(s) of the cartoons you’d like.

2. Minnie will email you the payment link; you’ll be able to pay online with your credit card or PayPal account.

3. Once Minnie has received your payment, she’ll email you the file(s).

4. Enjoy the cartoons 🙂

What exactly will you receive?

After your purchase, you’ll be emailed a print-ready 300 dpi (high resolution) greyscale JPEG of the cartoon.

You’ll receive 2 versions: one with the “Minnie The Westie” masthead; one without. Which you use is up to you (not-for-profits will receive the masthead version only).

There is some variation in cartoon size; without the masthead, they mostly measure 20.5cm (8.07 inches) tall by 13.5cm (5.3 inches) wide.

The masthead adds another 1.5cm (0.6 inches) or thereabouts to the cartoon’s height.

How large or small can I make the cartoons?

The cartoons were orginally drawn in an A5 size sketchbook (148mm wide by 210mm tall – that’s 5.8″ by 8.3″). But the PhotoShop work done on them means that they reproduce well at other sizes.

Smallest size: is around A6 size (105mm wide by 148mm tall – that’s 4.1″ by 5.8″).

Largest size: is around A4 size (210mm wide by 297mm tall – that’s 8.3″ by 11.7″).

Note: some cartoons might enlarge/reduce better than others. This is because they are hand drawn. If you’re not happy with how the cartoon enlarges or scales down, there’s a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. More info on this is further down this page.

What’s a JPEG?

A “JPEG” is a standard graphics file that you can use in just about any application.

How quickly will I receive my order?

You’ll receive the email within 1-2 working days of Minnie receiving the payment, as the cartoons are emailed to you personally, rather than by an automatic computer system.

If you don’t receive the cartoon(s) within that time frame, please get in touch because it means that something has gone awry.

Is there a guarantee or refund?

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes! Minnie wants you to be happy with your purchase. Please check that you’re happy with the cartoon when you receive it. If the cartoon does not meet your requirements, please apply for a refund within 60 days of purchase. No refunds will be issued thereafter. If you are given a refund you must delete the files you have received and may not use them for any purpose.

What about rights and copyright?

The copyright remains with FX Marketing Limited (New Zealand). That means that you may not resell the cartoons, nor may you create and sell merchandise with the cartoon(s) on them. The cartoons may not be altered in any way; the means you need to preserve the copyright details and website address.
Other than that, you can use the cartoon(s) for:

  • Presentations – you may use the cartoon(s) in a presentation as well as in any related handouts.
  • Newsletters – you may use the cartoon(s) as often as you wish, either in print or online.
  • Website – you can use the cartoon (s) on an ongoing basis on your website.
  • Blogs – you can use the cartoon(s) on your blog (and feel free to link to if you wish!)
  • Social media – you may post the cartoons on social media sites.


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