Bonnie and Jack: it’s true wuff!

Bonnie and Jack: it’s true wuff!

I love socialising, both in the real world and online… that’s why I love Facebook and Twitter so much.

One of my bestie Westies on Twitter is the lovely Bonnie (@Bonniethewestie) who lives in Bedfordshire, England… she is such a cutie! Here’s a photo of Bonnie:

Bonnie The Westie

My beautiful furiend, Bonnie 🙂











Over the past few months a romance has been unfolding between Bonnie and the handsome Jack (@JackMcWestie)… he is a very fine-looking fellow from North Wales:

Jack McWestie

The handsome Jack McWestie






One day, Jack decided he wanted to give Bonnie a beautiful blingy bowdana as a sign of his true wuff. The bowdana was made by another Twitter furiend, Cosmo (@Cosmolitious) – he is a Yorkie. Here is Cosmo, as you can see he is very very stylish and fashionable:

Cosmo Couture

Cosmo - he is one stylish dude!



















Problem was, Bonnie’s mum had already ordered a bowdana from Cosmo, and all sorts of chaos followed! Bonnie even had to show her doggy ID at the Post Office!

You can read the full wuff story on Cosmo’s pawsome blog:

It is a wuffly story… enjoy!

I’ll finish off with some photos of Bonnie looking beautiful in her blingy bowdana… on the front you can see the blingy “B” for “Bonnie”…

Bonnie's bowdana

Bonnie's Blingy Bowdana











… and on the reverse side there is a pretty paw:

Bonnie's bowdana - the denim reverse

... this is the denim reverse of the bowdana.











Very stylish… and it’s such a beautiful wuff story!





Love ‘n’ licks,

Minnie x



PS. Thank you to my furiends Bonnie, Jack and Cosmo for letting me use their photos 🙂


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