Meet my friends: Morris and Flo

Meet my friends: Morris and Flo

In my cartoon adventures, you’ll meet some of my friends too. First up:

Morris and Flo








Morris – the cute boy next door

Morris is my boyfriend. He’s also a west highland white terrier, and he lives next door to me… very convenient!

You see, Morris’ mum and dad thought I was so cute that they wanted a Westie too. Morris even comes from the same dog breeder as me!

Morris is a very sweet dog, and he’s got the waggiest tail you’ve ever seen!

Flo – my “bugging” side-kick

Flo is some kind of bug. I don’t know if Flo is male or female, or what kind of bug Flo actually is. Flo flits in and out of my adventures.

I hope you enjoy meeting my friends and following our adventures!

Woofs and nose licks,

Minnie x




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