Meet my friends: mum and dad

Meet my friends: mum and dad

Yes, a dog is a human’s best friend… but mum and dad are v friendly to me too.

Mum and Dad









Mum and dad share my catering duties – and they do so excellently. I love my brekkie and my dinner, and most days there are in-between noms too, to keep me going. 😉

Mum and dad do have some unique talents…


Mum’s unique talent is her ability to give lots of fab cuddles. In winter, I do sometimes wonder if she’s using me as a heating device though… hmmmm!

Mum is also the one that draws my cartoons; helps me with the computer and iBone; and together we visit old folks in a care home. We volunteer for Outreach Therapy Pets – it is a lot of fun!


Oh, dad, he is an excellent cook. And best of all, he has a habit of dropping food. I am only too happy to help him out by cleaning up any nommy food spills. Especially chicken. 😉

I love going to work with dad too, as it means I am able to go to the marina (read: opportunity to get belly rubs from strangers) and hang out on boats (read: pose and receive admiring glances).

Now that you’ve met my friends, be sure to check out my cartoon adventures in the Cartoon Of The Month section!


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