Minnie The Westie is now on Pinterest!

Minnie The Westie is now on Pinterest!

Have you discovered Pinterest yet? It is a new social media website that’s all about “pinning” pictures you find inspiring or funny to your virtual pin boards.

You can pin:

  • Your own photos, via your phone (if you have their app) or your compawter.
  • Photos you find online… that’s why this website now has a little “Pin It” button at the bottom of every page, to make pinning easy for you.
  • Re-pin onto your own boards what other people have already pinned. You can also “like” and comment on their pins.

… It is a lot of fun!

Follow me on Pinterest!

To follow me on Pinterest, you need a Pinterest account… you can request an invitation from them.

Then, when you’ve set up your account, just visit my profile at http://pinterest.com/minniethewestie/ and click “Follow”! It’s that easy.

I am currently pinning lots of Westie photos, other cute dog photos, my westie cartoons, dog humour and cool Westie products.

Minnie The Westie on Pinterest

Some of my Pinterest pins










See you there!

Love ‘n’ licks,

Minnie x


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