MinnieMania: what a whirlwind of a week!

MinnieMania: what a whirlwind of a week!

Wow, it has been an absolute whirlwind of a week since my book launched last week… talk about MinnieMania!

First of all, a shipment of books arrived – mum says these are review copies for doggy magazines. After the paw-ress release she distributed last week, she got requests for review copies the world over!

Here I am checking the shipment of books. 🙂

westie books

Mmmm, these books sure look nommy!










I also got lots of fan mail this week, as well as lovely messages on Facebook and Twitter. And one special friend even brought me presents! (Of the nommy variety… thank you!) 🙂

After all that excitement, mum and dad took me away for a much-needed weekend break.

I am happy to report that while I was relaxing, mum was busy sketching some new cartoons. She says that there might be another Minnie The Westie book next year!

Minnie The Westie and her sketchbook

I am checking that mum's new cartoons are adequately cute and funny!










So yes, this truly is the beginning of MinnieMania!

And if you’re wondering why I do it, it’s simple: it’s to make people smile. Some people (sadly) live to far away to be able to rub my belly, so this is a way for me to bring you smiles wherever you live.

Love ‘n’ nose licks,

Minnie x




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