Summer Holibobs Album 2012

Summer Holibobs Album 2012


I am now back home after wuffly holibobs with mum and dad… we went cruising on our small sailboat for a couple of weeks. (Here in New Zealand, Christmas and New Year are in our summer.)

Here are my holibob photos!

The best thing about holibobs? Lots of napping and relaxation! Here I am, having a snooze on the cabin top of the yacht. We are anchored off Ponui Island in the Hauraki Gulf.











The other pawsome thing about holidays is getting to spend lots of time with mum and dad. Here dad and I are looking for rabbits! (We didn't find any, but I could sniff 'em!)


It's Christmas Day! I got this cool squeaky turkey, and some new bones to nom.











Cuddles from daddy. 🙂 Me - a daddy's girl? Yep, definitely!













Dad is fishing, and I watch veeeeery closely... I love fish, nom nom!













Drat - no fish on the line, just bait! Maybe dad will let me eat that, it smells nice and fishy and stinky... please? What do you mean by 'no'??!














Next stop: Te Kouma Harbour, Coromandel Peninsula. This is a panorama taken from the hillside... it's very pawretty here.







Leaping through the long grass on the hillside at Te Kouma! Our boat is anchored in the bay behind me.











So exciting - there are wild turkeys on the hillside at Te Kouma! No, I didn't catch one, but I did find a turkey feather *nom nom*











Chillaxing on my beach towel on the boat after an energetic time ashore. Those hill sides are mighty steep if you only have little legs, y'know!











Giving the humans the hurry up for my dinner! All that walking 'n' sunbathing 'n' stuff makes a dog hungry, y'know!











Beach dog. 😀 I wuff the beach!










And then the rains came. For days and days and days. Mum and dad got so bored they started collecting rain water to top up the boat's water tanks!














Rainy days = indoor puppy playtime. Just as well that mum packed lots of toys for me!













Tired out after a big indoor play session! Here I'm cuddling up to my new turkey toy, plus an elephant toy that Morris gave me.











Yay, the sun came back! I resume my nice spot on the cabin top. It is shaded nicely by the boat's boom, and I get a great view of the bay from up there!











Pawretty sunset 🙂









And those were my holibobs! It was kinda relaxing and kinda strenuous too – and a lot of fun.

Did you have holibobs too? Do tell me all about it!

Love ‘n’ licks,

Minnie x


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