Weekdays versus Weekends

Weekdays versus Weekends

Both mum and dad work from home, so I have company all the time, plus I get two walks every day.

Nonetheless, there is a huuuuge difference between weekdays and weekends…

Weekdays are boring

Weekdays are hard work!


Sometimes mum and dad take me for car rides, plus I make care home visits with mum every couple of weeks.

But most of the time mum and dad are just plain ol’ boring when they work.

Weekdays are not my favourite!


Finally, the weekend arrives…


Pleeeeaaaaase can we go out somewhere? I have cabin fever!


Ahhh, that's better... chillaxing with my mum on the boat. (Dad is doing some maintenance work on the boat.)


I heart sunbathing! And napping! So sunbathing plus napping equals doggy bliss!


It's a beautiful day at Westhaven Marina in Auckland.


All this sunbathing is making me hungry... have you got any noms?


Back at home, I find another sun puddle! (Notice that the sun puddle is in my en-suite bathroom, how very convenient!)


All too soon it’s Monday again…


I know it's Monday out there. And I REFUSE to get out of bed!


Yeah yeah, I can see you looking out me. That doesn't mean I'm going to take any notice of you!


Of course, Monday wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. There were plenty more sun puddles to enjoy; two walks, lots of noms, and lots of cuddles. (But weekends are just so much better!)

I hope you have a pawsome week!

Love ‘n’ licks,

Minnie x


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