Another sailing holibob!

Another sailing holibob!

Even though I had sailing holibobs over Christmas and New Year, I was lucky enough to have another sailing holibob at the end of January! It is summer here in New Zealand, and we are lucky enough to have a number of public holidays at this time of year, giving us long weekends to enjoy.

The last Monday in January is always Auckland Anniversary Day – a public holiday for the Auckland area only. And as Auckland is known as the “City Of Sails”, it is only right to spend it on mum and dad’s little yacht!

Here are my photos from that weekend… as you can see, I had a lot of pawsome adventures!

Westhaven Marina (or perhaps I should rename it 'Westiehaven' Marina!) in Auckland, The City of Sails.













One of the best things about sailing holibobs is all the beaches I get to visit!













Mmmm, lots of great sniffs on this beach! *sniff snort*










Dad barbecues noms for dinner on board the boat. Note that I am first in the queue for noms, don't even think about pushing in line, mum! 😉

























Tired out after a big day... and I'm sure there are more adventures to be had tomorrow, I'd best get some zzzzzzzz....











The next day, we visit friends of mum and dad's on their boat. I assume my usual position, guarding the barbecue.














I have a little snooze on my friends' boat. Barbecue guarding is tiring work.










Yay, it's time for a trip ashore! I love going in the inflatable dinghy, we call it the "Minnie-mobile". 🙂














Ooooh, pawretty!











On this beach, we catch up with some different friends. These people belong to my furiend 'Major', who is a mini schnauzer. Major and I had a great time running around the beach together. Mum did try to take a photo of the two of us, but we didn't keep still long enough and blurred all the photos! BOL!












Mmmm, the sniffs here are EXCELLENT! Dad said something about there being rabbits around, but I didn't see them, unfortunately.











That was a fun trip ashore! Now it's time to head back to our boat on the Minnie-mobile. I am the figurehead of the Minnie-mobile. 😉














Back on the boat, I want to get onto Facebook and Twitter and tell my furiends about my adventures, but dad keeps hogging the iBone!











Time for another nap in my favourite spot, on the cabin top. It is nice and shady (because of the boom above me), and I get to see everything that's going on in the bay. Plus it's nice and breezey, so it keeps me cool and delivers all the sniffs directly to my nose! Pawfect! 🙂












Hang on, who's this? I hope they are not going to interfere with my Minnie-mobile?!












And now there are two of them! I watch the duckies closely. I am not happy about them being so close, but I don't like swimming so jumping into the water isn't an option. All I can do is glare at them!














Horrors! Mum decides to go swimming - and the two ducks swim with her as she does laps around the boat!










I am most concerned about mum as she swims around the boat with the two ducks! I go to the bow-wow of the boat to keep a close eye on mum.











Phew! I am pleased to say that mum was unscathed after swimming with the ducks. I can now nap on my beach towel, worry-free. Mmmm, I do love sun puddles!











All too soon it's time to head home again. My favourite position is on mum's lap when she's helming!











On the way home, we see the Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa AC45 catamarans out practicing. They are the practice boats for the next America's Cup. I have seen them out on Auckland harbour before, but never this close!











The Luna Rossa catamaran is "flying a hull". Apparently their boat speed triples when they sail like this. Yikes! Looks a bit scary to me! Note the pretty Auckland skyline in the background. 🙂










Lunchtime! Back at the marina berth, we are really hungry and decide to barbecue sausages on the boat before we head home. Naturally, I guard the barbecue. Nom nom!











Holibobs + noms = a happy dog. And what pawsome adventures I had!










Till next time,

Love ‘n’ licks,

Minnie x


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