Meet my friends: Lady, my Westie cousin in England

Meet my friends: Lady, my Westie cousin in England

Last time I you met my cartoon buddies Morris and Flo. Now I’d like you to meet Lady, my cousin in England, who is also a West Highland White Terrier.

Lady and I have never met, but we’ve woofed at each other over the computer quite often!











Meet the real-life Lady

Lady in my cartoons is based on a real life Westie called Lady. The real Lady lives in Kent, England, with my grandad.

Here’s a photo of the real-life Lady the Westie:

Lady the Westie











Why are there so many Westies?

You may be wondering why there are so many Westies in my life (real life and cartoon life).

Why so many Westies, rather than any other kind of dog?

It’s like this. My grandad was the first person to get a Westie (Lady). My mum loved Lady so much that a few years later she also got a West Highland White Terrier (me, Minnie). Then our neighbours loved me so much that they wanted a Westie too, so they got Morris (my boyfriend).

(Incidentally, friends of those neighbours loved Morris so much that they also got a Westie, called Magnum. He’s not in any of my cartoons yet: I don’t know him that well, we’ve only sniffed bums a few times.)

I guess Westie-ism is contagious. 🙂

I love other dogs too, as does my mum. Her first dog was a Scottie called Bonnie, and I often hear heart-warming tales about her.

Woofs ‘n’ nose licks,

Minnie x




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