Westie cartoon: Westies aren’t scaredy-cats!

Westie cartoon: Westies aren’t scaredy-cats!


This is another brand-new, never-seen-before westie cartoon from my (forthcoming) second cartoon book!

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Minnie The Westie cartoon: Westies aren't scaredy-cats!

Notice in my westie cartoon that I’m more offended about being called a “cat” than the “scaredy” bit! Just because I’m little and cute and furry! *gets all indignant*

The reason I’m a bit defensive about this is because mum and I regularly visit a local care home. (We volunteer for Outreach Therapy Pets: you can see photos of the ‘real’ Minnie visiting the care home here.) Many of the care home residents have dementia and are a little confused. Some of them call me a “pussy cat”. I will put up with it, provided they give me a nice belly rub! BOL!

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Till next time!

And watch this space for more news on my new book! *wags* 🙂

Love ‘n’ nose licks,

Minnie x

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